Protein Packed Desi Noodles

Protein Packed Desi Noodles


  • 1. ½ cup moong dal
  • 2. 1 cup capsicum long cutting
  • 3. 1 cup carrot grated
  • 4. 1 cup onion long cutting
  • 5. 1 tsp salt
  • 6. ½ tsp black pepper powder
  • 7. ½ cup desi ghee
  • 8. ¼ cup chopped coriander leaves
  • 9. 1 tbsp soya sauce
  • 10. 2 tbsp tomato ketchup


Firstly soak the moong dal for 2 hours in water.

Now drain the excess water and grind in mixer for paste. add ¼ salt, ¼ tsp black pepper mix it.

Heat a griddle on medium flame and grease with ghee.

Pour the 2 tbsp dal batter on it and spread evenly in round shape.

Cook from both sides until golden.

In a wok add ghee heat it.

Add onion roast slightly.

Add chopped capsicum and cook for 2 minutes.

Add grated carrot and cook for 2 minutes more.

Add salt, black pepper, soya sauce and tomato ketchup mix well.

Cut the dal chilla in long strips with the help of scissor. as like noodles.

Add noodles in cooked veggies and mix it.

Add chopped coriander leaves and mix slightly.

Serve hot Protein Packed Desi Noodles.


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